From Diane Bennett                                         June 30, 2015

Regarding: Pasquale


Hi Vince,

You might not be the person I need to contact, but I am certain you will get this where it needs to go.

I am a resident of the Pasquale and our window repairs were recently completed - I believe Charlie is supervising the crew. You and your team need to be commended for a tremendously difficult job well done. The guys are working under extremely difficult circumstances. They are in peoples' homes, working around residents and pets and furniture and plants and all that people hold near and dear. There is a tremendous infusion of workers and supplies in very small spaces. Yet, without exception, every single member of the team was kind, respectful and took obvious care interacting with us.

While working outside it is easy to forget the environment of open windows and porches. There has been no bawdy behavior, off-color jokes and language - nothing but absolute professionalism. The Pasquale could easily become the typical "job site." It is has not and it is remarkable

Charlie, and others, explained in detail what to expect. They coordinated scheduling around our schedule. They responded immediately to concerns - most of which were fears that never manifest. After leaving our home, they remain friendly and always respectful

And the end product, the quality of workmanship, is superior.

 I don’t know where you found them, or how you manage to maintain your quality, but kudos to the Concept Construction team! Nice job!


With gratitude,

Diane Bennett

 Attention:  Concept Construction team                                                                 November 09, 2012 

 Re: Concept Construction work ethics and construction quality



Being on the gray side of construction knowledge, I really cannot comment on the technical part of concrete installment other than the following:

As a Purchasing Director for this company and dealing with multiple vendors and creating partnerships in order to procure whatever it is that I need,
you and your company are on my "A" list !!!!!!  The simple fact that you came in the same day that I needed you, figured out how to fix the problem properly (in an unbelievable timeline), then completed the project the very next day, was phenomenal !!!!!  We truly appreciate all that you did, as well as the consideration that you gave our tile contractor.  He is now able to finish his work in the time table that he had established.

My mode of operation for this company consists mostly of multiple parties all coming together to get the job done.  Having accomplished that, gaining valuable construction knowledge from your people, and most of all creating a new partnership, I can honestly say that we are pleased with your professionalism and applaud you with a "JOB WELL DONE"!!!

Thanks once again.  We hope to work with you in the future and will surely recommend you and your company to others that may need a reference!!!

Dave Baumler

To everyone at  Concept Construction Corp.                                            December 13, 2013

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen / Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York

Re:  Exceptional construction performance and work quality on our largest franchise restaurant to date.

I would like to thank all of you for your help. Concept Construction preformed above and beyond my expectations on every level.  It’s been a real pleasure working with your team.  The communication, dedication and quality of your workmanship made my life easier.  I know that the plans were challenging which could have the project difficult, however your entire crew simply worked right through  without missing a beat.  They never complained, only performed, proving to me how professional they are.  The franchisee and business owner  was also very pleased with your performance and were delighted that we selected your company to build our Buffalo, NY restaurant.  Much appreciated

David Wallace

East Coast Construction Manager (Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen)